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How to play Frogger

This is how the game works: You start with 3 lives (frogs). The objective is to move the frog to the 5 destination patches. 
Use the keyboard to control the frog (Forward, downward, left and right).
As soon you reach the destination spots 5 times you will be transferred to a new level where the vehicles move faster and may appear new random things such crocodiles. The objective is the get as many points you can on Frogger game online.

You can get killed by the vehicles, snakes, jumping exactly on the crocodiles head, if the turtle dives, if you jump into a destination spot which you already occupied (or with a crocodile in it) and if you run out of time.

Beware: The frogs also die if hit the water.


is a classic 80s puzzle game, having hundreds of different versions, where the player navigates a small green frog across trucks, cars, bicycles and tractors plus a river containing moving logs, turtles and crocodiles. One of the best games online you will ever find!
You can’t blame the original graphics. On the Frogger game online there is no need for 3d animations such the ones on top end game consoles. The best of the game is the original idea and challenge that you can’t see any more on the present games where most of them are just copies of the old hits.

Enjoy the game!!!

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So turn your imagination on and start your journey in to the world of Frogger.



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